When fraudsters seek investors in a Ponzi scheme, they typically do not tell their investors that it is a Ponzi scheme, but rather a conservative investment with a reasonable rate of return, often in a business that seems very real.

Likewise, no one ever asks someone to invest in an advanced fee scam.  Rather, they offer an opportunity for early investment in a business with great potential.

Do Campo & Thornton has extensive experience securing and recovering funds from fraudulent schemes such as Ponzi schemes and advanced fee scams.  We are adept at finding liability, and at finding and recovering assets, wherever they may be.

Whenever it prosecutes fraud claims, the firm taps into its vast experience defending fraud claims.  We know how frauds operate.

For just as there are many ways to perpetrate a fraud, there are many ways that one’s actions, while not fraudulent, can be characterized as such.

Whether you think you may have been a victim of a fraud, or are accused of fraud, do Campo & Thornton is prepared to represent you.