Human Rights - Trafficking - Torture

Do Campo & Thornton’s attorneys share a passion for bringing justice to human rights victims.

They take a hard-nosed approach to an idealistic practice: they ask how can we impose a money judgment on a bad actor to compensate victims and change behavior, and then collect on that judgment. Do Campo & Thornton’s attorneys have brought some of the most significant cases filed under the Alien Tort Statute, and have achieved unprecedented results.

They have pioneered collection procedures that resulted in recovery for their clients. For example, they helped obtain a significant recovery for Haitian victims of torture and a massacre; they won a landmark $80 million judgment against a drydock company importing forced laborers from Cuba, ending the practice, and pursued their judgment through a novel worldwide garnishment of ship owners resulting in a settlement.

Their work has led to millions of dollars in relief for child victims of slavery and changed practices in the Middle East. And, they are are pursuing agencies and instrumentalities of terrorist organizations to recover to recover a judgment for a victim of international hostage-taking.