Bond Hearings

Getting You Out of Jail Is a Priority in Any Criminal Case

One of the most critical aspects of any criminal case is the bond hearing. If you are denied bond, you will be incarcerated throughout the pendency of your case, you will be unable to work, you will be separated from your loved ones, and it will be more difficult to contribute to your defense. You will also have to deal with the potential presumption of guilt that comes from being in jail at the time you appear in court.

At do Campo & Thornton in Miami, our lawyers are highly experienced in representing clients at bond hearings to determine if you can get out of jail on bond and what type of bond you may qualify for.

There are many different types of bonds in Florida:

  • Personal surety bond: You or your loved one sign a personal bond. If you violate the bond, the person who signed is liable for the full amount of the bond.
  • Percentage bond: You are required to pay 10 percent of the bond. You will get your 10 percent payment back, with interest, when you show up in court.
  • Corporate surety bond: You are required to pay 15 percent of the bond and provide collateral (such as real estate) for the full amount of the bond. With a corporate surety bond, you won’t get your 15 percent payment back when you show up in court.

At a bond hearing, the judge first must determine if there is enough proof to hold you without bond. Secondly, the judge must determine whether you present a risk of flight and/or a danger to the community if you are released on bond.

We have handled thousands of bond hearings and are familiar with the procedures of judges and magistrates in Miami. To us, the bond or detention hearing is the first opportunity to tell our side of the story to the court and put our stamp on your defense. We know that cases can be won by a vigorous bond presentation, and never fail to capitalize on those opportunities.