Medicare & Medicaid Fraud Defense Lawyers

Defending Physicians, Nurses, Clinics and Individuals in South Florida

Orlando do Campo has extensive experience in Medicare and Medicaid fraud defense.  He has defended dozens of individuals charged with Medicare or Medicaid fraud, including doctors, nurses, therapists, clinic owners, employees and others.

If you are accused of Medicaid or Medicare fraud, your future could depend on the things you say and do in the first few days after learning that you are the target of an investigation. You should not delay getting counsel. That initial conversation with seasoned counsel can make the difference between liberty and imprisonment. Once the government comes calling, you need an experienced lawyer.

At do Campo & Thornton in Miami, we believe that every individual accused of a crime should receive the strongest advocacy possible against the power of the government. Let us help you navigate the system.

Helping You Mount an Aggressive Defense

South Florida has historically been at the crossroads between an elderly population of retirees looking to live out their golden years in our beautiful community and a robust immigrant population who have come to this region to better their lives. These demographics have led to larger than typical reliance on public financed medicine in the form of Medicare and Medicaid. Admittedly, a few bad apples have abused these services and engaged in Medicare fraud. However, the government has aggressively sought to blame many decent and hardworking healthcare providers by accusing them of the illegal actions of a distinct minority.

We will take an aggressive approach in defending your reputation, your livelihood and your freedom. We defend clients who are accused of all types of Medicaid and Medicare fraud, including infusion therapy and durable medical equipment fraud and home health care fraud.


Free Attorney Consultation

At do Campo & Thornton, we consider it an honor to represent doctors, nurses, clinic owners and individuals in their time of need. To discuss your Medicare or Medicaid fraud defense with one of our lawyers, call 305-358-6600 or fill out the contact form on this Web site. Hablamos español.