Firm Overview

A Miami Law Firm Known for High Impact, High Profile Cases

do Campo & Thornton, P.A. is a Miami, Florida-based law firm specializing in criminal law and high impact civil litigation.

The firm was founded in 2008 by two Harvard Law graduates who had worked together earlier in their careers at a prestigious law firm, and who recognized in each other a commitment to justice and a talent and passion for winning.

Awards and Honors
In their first year together, attorneys Orlando do Campo and John Thornton achieved remarkable success. Orlando do Campo won the 2008 Rodney Thaxton Award, an honor bestowed on only a few criminal defense lawyers each year. And, the firm won the Most Effective Lawyers 2008 Award from the Daily Business Review. In addition Orlando do Campo was named to The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers in 2015.

do Campo & Thornton’s office is located in the Chase Bank Building in downtown Miami.


John Thornton and Orlando do Campo


Criminal Defense

The Firms’ attorneys have extensive experience in criminal law, and have represented defendants in healthcare fraud, Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, DME infusion therapy fraud, home healthcare fraud, real estate fraud, mortgage fraud, drug cases, money laundering cases, bonds, immigration fraud, passport fraud and criminal appeals. The firm’s attorneys have tried more than 60 criminal jury trials. They have achieved remarkable success for their criminal defense clients in all stages of the criminal law process, from pre-investigation, investigation, negotiating with the government, bond hearings, defense of charges, trial and post-trial relief and appeals.

High Impact Civil Litigation

They also leverage their knowledge of the courts for high impact civil litigation. For example, in their first year together, they won a groundbreaking $80 million judgment. do Campo & Thornton’s lawyers also seized the lottery winnings of a Haitian general, and have earned victories in numerous other civil matters, ranging from a qui tam whistleblower action that enlisted the government to prosecute a fraud agaisnt it, to dismissals of civil actions on jurisdictional grounds, to winning a dismissal based on a noncompete being unenforceable. Plus, because of their penchant for winning in Court, do Campo & Thornton’s cases are often settled outside of court on favorable terms for their clients.