Criminal Appeals

Working to Give You a Second Chance at Justice

Every person convicted of a crime in Florida has a right to appeal that conviction to a higher court. At do Campo & Thornton in Miami, we have extensive experience with the appeals process and can represent you in both state and federal appellate courts. Having experience clerking for the United States Court of Appeals, the firm has an intimate knowledge about how the appellate process works and can use that experience to make certain that all your appellate rights are protected.

A Hyper-Technical Area of Law

Criminal appeals are a hyper-technical area of law that requires lawyers who are experienced in writing the briefs that judges read before oral arguments. Appellate lawyers also need to know how to present your case persuasively to a judge during oral arguments.

Because the rules of criminal trials and appeals require different skills, there are relatively few lawyers who will handle your case from criminal trial through appeal. At do Campo & Thornton, we handle both criminal trials and appeals at the very highest level.

Nevertheless, having new counsel represent you in your appeal does have advantages. Generally speaking, the only things that can be argued on appeal are errors that were made at the trial court level. With long experience as both trial and appellate counsel, we can spot issues appropriate for an appeal and ensure that the arguments advanced maximize your chances at an appellate victory.

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Experience Working With Appellate Judges: One of the honors that an attorney can receive in law school is to clerk for a judge. Orlando do Campo clerked for a judge at the U.S. Court of Appeals and worked at the judge’s side researching and assisting the Court with the writing of opinions.