Home Health Care Fraud

Home Health Care Fraud Defense Lawyers in South Florida

With the government becoming increasingly aggressive in investigating possible cases of Medicare and Medicaid fraud, many people who have never been in legal trouble before are suddenly facing criminal charges — among them doctors, home heath care providers and diabetics.

Often, the criminal charges are related to Medicaid and Medicare billings for home health care that is viewed by government investigators as not medically necessary.

At do Campo & Thornton in Miami, we are experienced at defending doctors, clinic owners and individuals who are charged with Medicare or Medicaid fraud. If you face accusations of fraud for home health care billings, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

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Defending Doctors, Clinic Owners and Individuals

In the area of home health care, what is seen as a medically justified by a doctor may be viewed as fraud to a government investigator. One example is billing Medicare or Medicaid for the cost of hiring a home health aide to inject insulin in diabetic patients.

One of the symptoms of diabetes is blurred and deteriorating vision. Diabetes is also the leading cause of legal blindness in the United States. While many diabetics are capable of operating a syringe and injecting insulin into themselves, others may have difficulties due to poor vision.

Our health care system is built upon the trust of the patient-doctor relationship. When the government accuses a doctor of ordering unnecessary home health care services, it injects itself in the middle of that relationship and forces every doctor to second-guess himself or herself. We consider it an honor to represent doctors, nurses, home health service agencies and individuals who are accused of fraud in connection with providing home heath care services to Medicare and Medicaid services.