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Orlando do Campo

A 1994 graduate of Harvard Law School, Orlando do Campo has extensive experience defending criminal cases in both state and federal courts. With more than 80 jury trials under his belt, Orlando do Campo is a seasoned trial attorney with a proven track record of success. He was recognized with the 2008 Rodney Thaxton Award for Excellence in Advocacy in Federal Criminal Defense, an honor bestowed on only a few defense lawyers each year. In addition to sharing the 2008 Most Effective Lawyers award from the Daily Business Review with partner John Thornton, he was named to The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers in 2015.

Early in his career in state court, he earned a reputation as a fierce criminal defense attorney.In 2000, he took his fighting spirit to his federal practice, where he developed a reputation as one of Miami’s best criminal defense attorneys.He was tapped to defend some of the most high profile defendants in recent years, including the Cuban Five accused of espionage, and Jose Padilla. In addition to his high profile cases, he has earned countless small victories, one client at a time, one issue at a time, blunting the blows of the criminal justice system.

Mr. do Campo’s tenacity stems from his firm belief in the bedrock principle that each individual accused of a crime should receive the strongest advocacy possible against the power of the State. He considers it a high honor to represent individuals at the time of their greatest need. He combines his strong belief that there can be no rest when it comes to the defense of liberty with a deep and personal knowledge of the workings of the courts, the justice system, and the individuals who run them.

Mr. do Campo’s practice areas include Medicare/Medicaid Fraud, Infusion Therapy and Durable Medical Equipment Fraud, Home Health Care Fraud, Mortgage & Real Estate Fraud, Drug Trafficking, Weapons Charges, Money Laundering, Immigration and Passport Fraud, Bond Hearings, Criminal Appeals, and White Collar Crimes.

Prior to co-founding do Campo & Thornton, he worked with Mr. Thornton at the law firm Zuckerman Spaeder. Mr. do Campo is a member of the bars of Florida, New Jersey and New York. Mr. do Campo is fluent in Spanish.

John Thornton

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John Thornton

A 1992 graduate of Harvard Law School, John Thornton has over 25 years of experience representing and advising corporations and individuals in complex litigation.

Mr. Thornton has acted as lead or co-counsel on numerous multi-plaintiff actions. He has co-counseled or worked with leading law firms locally, nationally and internationally.

Mr. Thornton has obtained over $250 million in judgments.

He has earned a reputation as an innovator and strategist. He has pioneered successful theories of pre-judgment relief and jurisdiction in international cases. Through his work, he has brought relief to victims of torture, human trafficking, forced labor, and to the survivors of a massacre. For his work prosecuting a case against a company trafficking persons internationally and engaging in forced labor overseas, the Daily Business Review named him to its “Most Effective Lawyers” list in the field of International Law. Mr. Thornton has successfully represented whistleblowers in qui tam actions alleging that the U.S. government has been defrauded.

Mr. Thornton represents corporations and individuals in litigation matters of all sizes. As a small businessman himself, he knows that the problems of small companies and individuals are every bit as important to them as are large companies’ problems. He is free to provide a unique value and flexibility to such client relationships. He is the rare attorney with a Harvard Law education, prestigious firm experience, and relationships with leaders in the legal community who is not dependent on a business model that requires rigid adherence to an hourly fee scale or multiple levels of billing. Mr. Thornton works directly on his clients’ cases with a commitment to justice.

Mr. Thornton’s practice areas include Alien Tort Statute, Accidents, Complex Business Litigation, Contract Disputes, False Claims Act, Fraud, Human Rights (Trafficking, Torture), International Law and Litigation, Qui Tam Whistleblower lawsuits, Torts and USERRA.

Mr. Thornton is a member of the bars of the District of Columbia and Florida. He has achieved numerous victories representing both plaintiffs and defendants in complex litigation matters in state and federal courts in Florida and elsewhere, including the Eastern District of Virginia and the District of Columbia. Mr. Thornton speaks Spanish.

Prior to co-founding do Campo & Thornton, Mr. Thornton helped organize and was an investigator for a study commissioned by the U.S. Department of State to assess the violence in Darfur. The study resulted in the declaration of genocide by then Secretary of State Colin Powell. Mr. Thornton served as Adjunct Professor of Law at St. Thomas University School of Law. Prior to that, he worked with Mr. do Campo at the law firm Zuckerman Spaeder.

Daniela Jaramillo

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Daniela Jaramillo

Daniela Jaramillo represents clients in complex criminal and civil litigation matters.  She has proved to be an effective member of trial teams in state and federal court in both criminal and civil matters.  She is experienced in all aspects of litigation, including motion practice, plea negotiations, trials and appeals.

Whether defending clients from mortgage fraud, narcotics trafficking, or other criminal charges; representing injured individuals; or litigating complex civil litigation issues, Ms. Jaramillo brings energy and drive to the pursuit of justice for do Campo & Thornton’s clients.

Ms. Jaramillo is a cum laude graduate of the University of Miami School of Law.  During law school, she gained hands-on experience acting as an intern for both the United States District Court and the Federal Public Defender’s Office for the Southern District of Florida.  She is a member of the bars of Florida and the District of Columbia, and licensed to practice in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.  Ms. Jaramillo was born in Colombia.  Her work frequently draws on both her familiarity with Colombia and her fluency in Spanish.