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Criminal Defense

An Overview of Our Miami Criminal Defense Practice

Our lawyers handle all types of criminal defense cases in South Florida, from white collar crimes, to drug cases and DUI, to violent criminal offenses and appeals.

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Medicare or Medicaid Fraud

Our lawyers handle all types of Medicare and Medicaid fraud, including Infusion Therapy and Durable Medical Equipment Fraud and Home Health Care Fraud.

Mortgage and Real Estate Fraud

When a real estate deal goes bad, many prosecutors are now looking for someone to take the fall. That someone could be a real estate broker, a loan officer, a developer, the seller or even the buyer involved in the transaction.

Drug Trafficking

There is no such thing as a minor drug charge in Florida. Possession of even of a small amount of marijuana will result in the loss of your driver's license for two years and a lifelong criminal record.

Weapons Charges

When it comes to gun charges, the law makes little distinction between those who use guns to commit crimes and law-abiding citizens who carry guns improperly. Both can face serious criminal penalties.

Money Laundering

While money laundering may be a secondary charge to drug trafficking and fraud, the penalties can be extremely serious. These charges give the government the opportunity seize large amounts of your cash and property.

Immigration and Passport Fraud

Before 9/11, a foreign national accused of falsifying a passport or visa to get into the United States was usually put on a plane and sent back to their country of origin. Today, he or she would be charged with a crime and detained for up to six months.

Bond Hearings

One of the most critical aspects of any criminal case is the bond hearing. If you are denied bond, you will be unable to work and contribute to your defense.

Criminal Appeals

Our lawyers are fully qualified to handle your case from criminal trial to appeal.

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Criminal Defense

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