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Civil Litigation

Alien Tort Statute

Do Campo & Thornton's attorneys have done pioneering work prosecuting and collecting judgment for victims of grave human rights abuses pursuant to the Alien Tort Statute, which was signed into law by George Washington. According to the Statute, United States District Courts have jurisdiction to hear cases brought by aliens alleging serious violations of international law - such as torture, slavery, forced labor, extrajudicial killing and genocide - no matter where they have occurred. U.S. citizens have similar rights under the Torture Victim Protection Act. Do Campo & Thornton's attorneys have brought some of the most significant cases filed under the Alien Tort Statute, and have achieved unprecedented results.


As trial attorneys, do Campo & Thornton's lawyers have the experience, and make the credible threat to defendants, that they will take your accident case to trial if you are not offered a favorable settlement. And, do Campo & Thornton has co-counsel relationships with other leading personal injury firms. Do Campo & Thornton, P.A. will help you with your claim, whether large or small.

Civil Forfeiture/Asset Seizure

When the government seizes funds and attempts to forfeit them, it does so in a civil law proceeding. Do Campo & Thornton's attorneys have experience helping those whose assets have been seized by the government.  When assets have been seized, it is important to act fast.  We have successfully represented clients by intervening prior to the institution of the forfeiture lawsuit, negotiating the release of the funds at issue.  And, we have experience in defending civil forfeiture actions and asserting clients' claims to assets.  In all such cases, having a law firm well-versed in both the criminal law and civil litigation, such as do Campo & Thornton, is crucial.  We also understand the nuances involved in the coordination of a civil forfeiture and criminal defense, and stand ready to fight the cases against our clients, on all fronts, in the most effective manner.

Complex Business Litigation

Do Campo & Thornton's attorneys have represented Comcast Cable, Columbia HCA, MCI, American Bankers Insurance Corporation, Caribbean Cigar, and many other companies and individuals in complex litigation including antitrust, qui tam (whistleblower) actions, and securities fraud. They have achieved numerous victories representing both plaintiffs and defendants in complex litigation matters in state and federal courts in Florida and elsewhere, including the Eastern District of Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Contract Disputes

As a small businessmen themselves, attorneys Orlando do Campo and John Thornton understand that the problems of small companies and individuals are every bit as important to them as are large companies' problems. They represent companies and individuals in contract disputes and other litigation, and can do so at competitive rates.

False Claims Act (Whistleblower) Qui Tam

If someone makes a false claim for payment to the federal government, or a false statement in support of a claim, a whistleblower can bring a qui tam claim on behalf of the government, and share in the recovery, so long as the claim is brought in the correct manner. Do Campo & Thornton's attorneys have won important victories for their clients in False Claims Act cases and have experience working with other leading attorneys to navigate the requirements of the False Claims Act. If you think you have a claim under the False Claims Act or state qui tam (whistleblower laws), call do Campo & Thornton, P.A. without delay.


There are many ways to perpetrate a fraud, and many ways that one's actions, while not fraudulent, can be characterized as such. Do Campo & Thornton's attorneys have extensive experience prosecuting and defending fraud claims.

Human Rights (Trafficking, Torture)

Do Campo & Thornton's attorneys share a passion for bringing justice to human rights victims. They take a hard-nosed approach to an idealistic practice: they ask how can we impose a money judgment on a bad actor to compensate victims and change behavior. Do Campo and Thornton attorneys pioneered collection procedures that resulted in recovery for Haitian victims of torture and a massacre; they won a landmark $80 million judgment against a company importing forced laborers from Cuba, ending the practice; their work has led to millions of dollars in relief for child victims of slavery and changed practices in the Middle East; and they have filed suit against victims of human trafficking and forced labor - workers trafficked from the Philippines to Iraq.

International Law and Litigation

Do Campo & Thornton's attorneys won the "2008 Most Effective Lawyers Award" in International Law from the Daily Business Review. They have extensive experience and have had remarkable success in a wide variety of cases with international legal aspects.

Qui Tam Whistleblower Lawsuits

Both state and federal law contain numerous provisions for whistleblower lawsuits. In their careers, do Campo & Thornton's attorneys have won numerous victories - for example, settlement on behalf of whistleblowers alleging fraud in a federal loan guarantee program,  a dismissal of a state whistleblower action in the healthcare setting, and surviving dismissal of a federal whistleblower action.


Our men and women in uniform deserve our respect and support when they return from serving our country. Luckily, the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act provides broad protections, including the right of the service member to return to full employment, even if that means someone else has to be let go to make room. And, the act contains an attorneys' fees provision. Do Campo & Thornton, P.A. has experience prosecuting USERRA actions, and is proud and honored to do so.